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Now, if you've been purchasing products online or selling them, you have likely experienced an up-sell, a special offer, a one-time offer, or 'OTO' as they're also known as. To setup a successful and high converting OTO, you need to plan it out carefully.

The biggest mistake people make when trying to setup their own up-sell is they just end picking any product they see, mixing it up with their main offer and trying to push a sale.

Once you understand the psychology behind why buyers purchase OTO's and why certain OTO's are more successful than others, I guarantee that your OTO's will begin to convert better for you.

Maybe you can relate to this?...

- I've heard how OTO's can double my profits, but I don't know where to start?

- I spent 3 hours setting up my OTO and still no sales, what am I doing wrong?

If you find yourself nodding your head to these, then listen closely!

Here's The Real Question... What is a "One-Time offer" Or "Up-Sell" and how can you benefit from it?

An OTO is a proposal made to a potential customer when they have a single chance to buy something. Since the arrival of direct marketing, OTO's have gained popularity.

Why? Because the one time offer is the most powerful marketing tool available today. Using the one time offer, you have the power to increase every purchase your customer makes, time and time again.

However to pull it off successfully, you have to create a high perceived value in your customer’s mind. That means what you are offering has to appear valuable to your customer. If it doesn’t, then they won’t go for it.

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No need to create another product for your customers! If you want to squeeze more sales out of your transactions then you need to come up with the goods. It's one thing 'knowing' how to up-sell, it's another thing altogether to execute it.

No need to design new graphics for your up-sell package! Another products means another set of graphics. This can be expensive if you're hiring designers to do it for you... time-consuming if you attempt to do it yourself. Save yourself the headache and take advantage of our skills!

No need to come with more sales copy to convince your customers to buy from you second time round! Writing just one sales letter is quite a chore, let alone having the energy and enthusiasm to come up with another. Don't worry though, even that's taken care of so all you've got to do is place your order button on the page!

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